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A new advertising revolution

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Fortune 500 companies are part of this revolution

There is now a service which allows you to make a commission from advertising agencies by watching/participating in them.
With no sign up fees.

Note: To be part of this revolution you must have a sponsor. We have supplied a sponsor for you in the sign up link here.

Earn commission every 30 minutes for 24 hours

Pay for PR Packs

PR packs give you credit to watch/view advertisements from agencies. Each PR pack costs €50 each.

Only 10 adverts

You will only need to see 10 adverts for 20 seconds each per 24 hours. That's 3-4 minutes per day.

PR packs -> ROI

The more PR packs you have, the more you get a return on your investment. Watch your commission every 30 minutes increase.

What you earn

Each PR pack costs €50, on average you will get €1 return per day (€28+/- per month).
50 PR packs = €2,500, €1400/month (min) return.

Make your own success then refer others

Paid every 30 minutes

Every 30 minutes your account is given commission from the advertisements you have seen.


When you make enough for 1 PR pack, then buy another one. Each PR pack gives makes you money every 30 minutes.

Refer others

Show your friends your success, then explain how it works. Only you yourself can see it working before referring others.

Referrals and Profit Sharing

When you refer someone, you make 8% of the value of each PR pack they purchase. This is while you earn yourself watching advertisements.


This is a contact directly to us acting as your sponsor. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. You will then receive a call to give you an introduction into how this works and how to get started.

Please note; you must have a sponsor to sign up. By signing up without a sponsor will allow you to lose out on 1-to-1 support.